Time is up! Free Naama now!

Naama Issachar is languishing in a Russian prison – and in Jerusalem, the red carpets are getting ready in preparation for President Putin’s visit.

Naama Issachar is languishing in a Russian prison, as a hostage and used as a political pawn for international affairs between two countries.
On January 23 President Putin will be coming to Israel, along with leaders of other countries. They will be the guests of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin, and President of the Jewish Congress in Europe, Moshe Kantor.

The release of Naama and her return home also relies on those hosting President Putin in Israel. If anyone thinks that this visit will go on as expected, while Naama is rotting in a Russian prison – they’re wrong.

We are prepared to protest during the official events that will happen throughout this visit. Still, we hope Naama will be released home before President Putin’s arrives in Israel, and that protesting will be unnecessary.

In addition, in Russia, the Issachar family continues to pursue the legal procedures and is working to do whatever they can to keep communication with Naama, within the limits that are placed upon them.

Naama and her family is desperate for your help