A reportage on Russian Channel 1 about the meeting with Putin and the release of Naama Issachar

Image from Russian channel 1

Russian Channel 1 published today a reportage on Yaffa Issachar’s meeting with Putin, and on the visit of Russia’s human rights commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova to Naama.

Link to the reportage.

Google translate of the text:

The lessons of history, the problems of world security and the personal fate of one person. In a very busy program of the visit of the Russian president, one point is highlighted. Vladimir Putin met with the mother of Naama Issahar, an Israeli citizen convicted in our country, whom the court found guilty of possession and smuggling of drugs. The girl’s family hopes for her pardon.
The village of New Grishino near Moscow. Penal colony number one. Here, Israeli citizen Naama Issahar has been detained since last October, when a court sentenced her to 7.5 years in prison for possession and smuggling of drugs.

Naama meets the film crew in high spirits. Here in the colony she watches Russian television.

– As you know, today President Putin and the Prime Minister of your country met with your mother. And Putin told her that everything would be fine. What do you think of these words, maybe they give you hope?

– Of course, when I saw my mother on TV with such important people, I was very excited. When he told mom that everything would be fine with my wonderful family. I’m still here, but I believe what he said. If he said that everything will be fine, then it will be so, – answered Naama Issahar.

Here is the same meeting in Israel, initiated by the Russian president. Naama’s mother says thank you to Putin several times: “You wanted to see me, I’m very worried and thank you very much for taking the time in your busy schedule. It reassures me that you are a friend of Israel and a friend of our Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu. I ask you very much, Mr. President, just return her home, I miss her very much and dream of hugging her. ” 

– I understand. Today, she is visited by Ms. Moskalkova, who deals with human rights in Russia. She will visit your daughter.

The Russian president promised to accommodate his mother’s request for clemency on Naama Issahar. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the same petition to Putin earlier: “Mr. President, I am very grateful to you for agreeing to meet with Naama’s mother.”

– It is clear to me that Naama from a good, very decent family, I know the position of Mr. Prime Minister, who is asking for an appropriate decision. All this, of course, will be taken into account when making this final decision. Everything will be fine.

The Commissioner for Human Rights, Tatyana Moskalkova, asked an Israeli citizen how she was treated in the colony. Naama is held in a four-seater cell. In a conversation with Moskalkova did not complain about anything. She said she was feeling well. Inmates support her. And she thanked the Ombudsman for the care.

– You do not know Russian. How do you communicate with people who are in the cell with you and with the colony leadership?

“In the ten months I spent here, I have learned, it seems to me, enough to communicate.” Because no one here speaks English.

– Can you say anything in Russian?

– Hi, Mom. You were very pretty on TV.

Already at the exit from the colony, Moskalkova spoke in more detail about the conditions of detention of an Israeli citizen: “They have hot water, a refrigerator, a kettle, a TV, and there are hygiene conditions. Therefore, from the humanitarian point of view, there were no questions and problems. ”

Naama Issahar denies involvement in drug possession and smuggling. Nearly ten grams of hashish in her bag was found last April at Sheremetyevo Airport. Then the girl at first admitted that she was the drug, but after she refused her words, explaining them with difficulties of translation. The convict did not officially ask for pardon. Naama and her lawyers believe that the three petitions that have already been submitted to Putin from his mother, the president and prime minister of Israel, are enough. 

“There is still a norm in the Criminal Code, which says that pardon is carried out by the president by issuing a decree and that’s all,” comments Vadim Klyuvgant, Naama Issahar’s lawyer.

“That is, regardless of whether the president received an appeal from the convicted person for pardon, the president himself can freely make this decision on his own,” added Alexei Dobrynin, Naama Issakhar’s lawyer.

– This is the first. At the same time, there is the right of the convict to ask for clemency. But this is his right, not his duty, ”says Vadim Klyuvgant.

Lawyers expect that the decision to release Issahar will be made in the near future. Previously, they began to prepare a cassation appeal against the verdict, but decided not to file it.