Moskalkova is ready to help in the preparation of documents on UDO Issakhar

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MOSCOW, Jan 23 – RIA News. The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Tatyana Moskalkova, said she was ready to help draw up documents on clemency or parole of convicted Israeli Naama Issakhar , if necessary.

“If she needs my help in drawing up a petition related to a pardon or parole … provided that her characterization and compliance with our rules of imprisonment are satisfactory, of course, I will be ready to help,” Moskalkova told reporters .

Also, the Russian Ombudsman believes that the corpus delicti did not harm the citizens of the Russian Federation, because there was no sale of drugs and there was no involvement of Russian citizens in drug trafficking. Moskalkova also expressed hope for a positive outcome in the Issakhar case.

“I’m glad that today (President of the Russian Federation Vladimir) Putin met with Issakhar’s mother to possibly find a solution to the issue of her possible release and return to her homeland,” the Ombudsman said.

In mid-December last year, the Moscow Regional Court upheld the verdict of an Israeli woman, Issakhar, who received 7.5 years in prison for smuggling and possession of drugs. She was detained on April 9 in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport, where she made a transfer on the way from Delhi to Tel Aviv. 9.6 grams of hash were found in the girl’s backpack. Issakhar herself admitted that she transported hash, but for personal purposes and without the intent of smuggling.

Issachar’s defense filed a complaint against the verdict with the ECHR and began preparing a cassation appeal against the verdict and appeal ruling, which will be submitted to the First Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction.