Prison Life

Russian Prison – Illustration

We asked Yaffa what is Naama’s daily schedule in prison, and this is what she had to tell us:

Her morning starts at 6 when the lights go on. Her and the other women she shares a cell with go and brush their teeth in the sink that’s in their cell.

Until 8:30 Naama has to entertain herself somehow, because only then can she drink a cup of coffee. Immediately afterwards, beds need to be made and the women start to prepare breakfast. During this time, the guards come in and knock on all the walls to insure something isn’t being hidden inside.

After breakfast, Naama and her 3 cell mates have to go “outside” into the courtyard. The courtyard is a small room with no ceiling but with bars. They have to spend an hour there, no matter what the weather and temperature is like.

When they get back, they can eat one sweet thing and have the tv on, however they don’t have control about what they watch, that is decided for them.

At 3, her cell mate with the most seniority decides what they will be eating, and also does all the cooking.
They cook mainly with sausages, which Naama doesn’t eat. Most of the food that Yaffa buys and tries to send her isn’t allowed, dairy products are prohibited, so Naama has no free will on what she puts inside her body.

They then wash their clothes by hand, and showers they only get twice a week.

Sometimes she’s able to do simple yoga stretches that don’t require much room, she reads books (they must be in English and a copy must be published in Russian so the guards can know what she’s reading). At 10 the lights turn off, and she goes back to bed, in complete darkness.

And with every passing day there are so many questions she is left with.. for how long will she stay, and how can it be she is still there