Naama’s Story

Naama Issachar is a regular young happy woman, living in Israel and enjoying life. Or at least this was the case until one critical day, which changed her life forever.

The story starts on the date of 9 April 2019. After a delighted journey in India, in which she learned and practised Yoga, it was her time to return home to Tel-Aviv. Naama took the flight from Delhi to Tel-Aviv with Aeroflot, the national airline of Russia, which was a popular choice at the time. The way home included a transit in Moscow.

While waiting at the airport for her connecting flight, the police inspected the luggage of the passenger. They found a tiny piece of 9.3 gram of marijuana in Naana’s backpack. And here, the nightmare began.

The police investigators ignored her arguments, about not knowing anything about this and that she didn’t put it there. They forced her signing documents in Russian, without explaining to her what is written there.

Previous cases, similar to Naama’s, ends with small detention, a fine of about 250$ and deportation from the country. But in Naana’s case, the decision was to charge her for drug smuggling. After a long process, she was found guilty and received an outrageous sentence of 7.5 years in a Russian prison.

At 19 December, an appeal took place. A team of 4 lawyers presented before the 3 judges, all the reasons and arguments why justice was not served in this case, and why Naama is innocent. The judges didn’t pay too much attention. At the end of the trial, after consulting among them for less than 20 min, they decided to reject the appeal.

The conditions in which Naama is held are outrageous. More about it can be read here.